Chinese medicine: The Medicine of Survival

Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on Taoist philosophy, was developed over thousands of years by scholars and doctors. It was up to the “barefoot doctors” that traveled from village to village to keep each community healthy and happy. When the community was well, the barefoot doctor was given generous shelter, delicious food, and other necessary resources. If the community was not healthy, the doctor was not rewarded with comfortable accommodations and the best food. In other words, the focus was on a vital, thriving community and this included their animals. Continue reading “Chinese medicine: The Medicine of Survival”

Did You see the Super Moon?

We could all see the super moon, depending on the cloud cover. Even if you didn’t see the actual moon, the energy of it was still there. Add the energy of the equinox to the super moon energy – did this bring us all energetically together? These are worldwide phenomena, like the gravity, that we all share. Continue reading “Did You see the Super Moon?”