Case history for Bella

Case history: Bella – 7 yr old Beagle, diagnosis of Epilepsy. Seizures remain problematic despite medication and the development of slight anxiety and nervousness.

Bella was a pleasure to work with and a canine companion Sharon continues to work with. Bella was prone to seizures but only on average yearly. However, her seizures increased significantly to the point of Bella developing cluster seizures, causing not only Bella but her owners some considerable distress and concern. Bella was one of those clients where the flexibility taught in TCM and Acupressure training was called upon.
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Case history for Chiron

Case history: – Inflammatory Bowel disease & Gastro – Oesophageal reflux from gastritis causing pneumonia and inflammation of the upper bronchi due to micro – aspiration.

Sharon’s own young Belgian Shepherd Chiron challenged everything she knew about canine nutrition, digestive disorders and related health issues.

Since Chiron was a pup he always had a sensitive stomach, reacting to certain foods, getting diarrhoea or periodically in the early morning vomiting bile. From the age of 1 ½ years however Chiron slowed down in his physical development and gradually started losing weight. The Vet check reassured there was nothing to be concerned about and that ‘it can be common in some breeds during this growth spurt period to lose weight and appear thin’.

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Case history for Jazz

Case history: – 10 year old German Shepherd, suspected Degenerative Myelopathy, generative lumbosacral joints with trapped nerve and arthritis of both wrists.

Jazz is a beautiful 10 year old German Shepherd who Sharon had the pleasure of working with.

Jazz initially presented with weakness of her hind limbs and would collapse on certain moves. Initial Specialist investigations found that Jazz carried the mutant gene for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and felt that Jazz’s current symptoms were due to having this disorder. Jazz also showed signs of having arthritis in both front wrists which had caused her to excessively lick her wrists causing staining of the fur over time.

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