Got Chi?

By Amy Snow, BA, MS, Acupressure Diplomat, Nancy Zidonis, BS,  Veterinary Homeopathy Diplomat

Chi, (also seen as Qi or Ki), is defined as “vital life-force energy” or “life-promoting energy” that circulates throughout the body. When chi is balanced and flowing harmoniously throughout the body we all enjoy good health and mental acuity. If chi is impeded in any way the body becomes compromised and can experience ill-health. This is the basic concept underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Continue reading “Got Chi?”

Canine Stress Indicators

We’re fully aware when our own stress barometers are rising. Dogs are even more “creative” about how they signal their stress. It’s up to us to be conscious of what these signals are so we can help reduce their stress. These signals can be subtle at first, but if they’re not recognized and addressed immediately, the dog’s stress can escalate to scary heights.

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