About One Spirit Acupressure

Sharon became drawn to holistic medicine around 18 years ago when a dog she rescued, a collie / lab cross named Ben developed severe chronic colitis at the age of 2 years. With her vet having tried every prescription diet going and various medications, Ben was referred to a specialist.
By this time Ben’s health had deteriorated so much that the only option Sharon was given was to put Ben to sleep as they felt nothing more could be done to stabilise him. Sharon refused and took Ben home then began searching for holistic solutions. She paired up with a human nutritionist and together they worked out a slow diet plan. Through the daily cooking of specific ingredients and feeding little and often Ben stabilised, and slowly improved over the months.
It became apparent that Ben was allergic to every additive and preservative, but by avoiding these and preparing home cooked food, together with using herbs to support Ben with his colitis, he slowly improved.

Some 10 or more years ago when Ben started reaching his senior years, he developed hot spots and arthritis, but the cycles of visits to the vets for creams and pain killers only gave temporary relief. Sharon again explored the avenues of holistic medicine to help Ben with his symptoms. She brought a book written by Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis entitled ‘Acu-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure.’ Sharon began teaching herself the aspects of acupressure for Ben’s specific symptoms and soon found herself fascinated and surprised by the effectiveness of the acupressure she was applying.
Ben went on to live to the wonderful age of 16 ½ years, he learnt sign language when his hearing deteriorated but still bounded around like a puppy up until the age of 14 years.

Some 3+ years ago Sharon’s other dog Kes who was a pup when Ben was alive reached her senior years and so developed arthritis and health issues. Out came Amy & Nancy’s book again to support Kes. It was at this point that Sharon realised that she wanted to learn Small Animal & Canine Acupressure properly, so she could help friends and others with companions with health issues.

Sharon struggled to find somewhere in the UK that teaches small animal acupressure but found the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute who were based in Colorado. They travelled to the UK each year so Sharon took the opportunity to commence the full Animal Practitioner training. To Sharon’s surprise the Co-Founders of Tallgrass were Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis – the Authors of the book Sharon had brought over 10 years previously.

Alongside her Acupressure studies Sharon also completed the Diploma in Holistic Herbalism as well as the Advanced Herbalism (Phytotherapy) with The School of Natural Health Science to supplement her knowledge.

Although Sharon works as a registered Nurse, she plans to keep her nursing part time so that she can devote time to work with small animals and canines, an area she has been drawn to and a passion her whole life.