Coping with canine seizures

By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

Discover how acupressure and ice can work together to help reduce the severity and duration of seizures in dogs.

Seizures in dogs are scary, especially when they happen for the first time. A seizuring dog gets a glassy look in his eyes, then falls on his side and begins to paddle uncontrollably. If your dog ever has a seizure, the first step is a prompt trip to the veterinarian to determine the cause. Once he’s been diagnosed and a treatment or management plan has been put in place, a simple acupressure technique you can do at home may help reduce the severity and length of your dog’s seizure episodes, should they occur again. Continue reading “Coping with canine seizures”

Case history for Bella

Case history: Bella – 7 yr old Beagle, diagnosis of Epilepsy. Seizures remain problematic despite medication and the development of slight anxiety and nervousness.

Bella was a pleasure to work with and a canine companion Sharon continues to work with. Bella was prone to seizures but only on average yearly. However, her seizures increased significantly to the point of Bella developing cluster seizures, causing not only Bella but her owners some considerable distress and concern. Bella was one of those clients where the flexibility taught in TCM and Acupressure training was called upon.
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